Reynolds Street Oakville

Reynolds Street Oakville

A Lakeside Retreat in Oakville

The owners of this Oakville property provided three all important criteria that would dictate the final design of this project.

  1. Views to the lake were to be unobstructed and maximized
  2. The owners host frequent and large parties so the design would need to provide large entertaining areas.
  3. The aesthetic of the design would need to be in keeping with the traditional/nautical style of the home’s architecture.

This Oakville project’s biggest challenge was creating large entertaining areas within a small backyard. The first solution was to alter the existing sloped roof above the back of the house to a low sloped membraned roof. This allowed for the construction of a 1200 sq. ft. roof top deck complete with bar area. Being elevated, the deck offers expansive views of the lake which are maximized by a tempered glass rail. This upper level deck can be accessed from the lower landscape by a spiral staircase or from the doors that were installed from the second floor. Elements such as pergola profiles, trimmed posts and buoy like rail details provide the traditional/nautical ‘feel’ that was so important to maintain.

The lower backyard had a very narrow but long configuration. In order to create functional size spaces the deck and patio were built only a few feet away from the property line. Any concerns about noise and privacy, being so close to the neighbours was addressed with both a cedar hedge and sound baffling wood screens. Again, similar style elements found in the home and upper deck were incorporated.

The customers very much wanted an outdoor fireplace that would be large and heavy so as to anchor the patio area. When we were unable to find an outdoor fireplace that possessed the ‘heft’ they sought we decided to pour a custom concrete fire pit. This was tied in with the deck area by pouring a concrete counter on the bar/BBQ.

In the limited bed areas we stayed with only a few different species and relatively little colour so as not to busy the planting space and to create a calming effect.



Another Oakville Customer Rates Our Work

You must receive letters of thanks from customers on a frequent basis but have you ever received such a letter from someone that has never been a customer?

My husband and I attended a patio party recently that was hosted in a backyard designed by your company. We have been to numerous functions in backyards over many summers but we have never seen anything so beautiful. From the large covered pavilion, to the carefully planned plantings to the remarkable use of lighting…….stunning, absolutely stunning!

We just wanted to recognize the excellence that your company represents and thank you for setting the stage for what was a magical summer evening.

Valerie Baumgartner
Oakville, ON