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Chances are good that you’ve put a lot of thought into getting the maximum benefit from your outdoor environment.  We can help you to comfortably and functionally  extend your outdoor living experience well into the evening hours. We are a landscape lighting designer and have been servicing satisfied customers throughout Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area since 1986.

Effective landscape lighting design is an art that we practice. It provides both aesthetic and practical benefits, and it beings with planning.  A good landscape lighting designer will consider several factors: the age and health of primary users, safety considerations, and the ability to use and navigate the outdoor environment as well as security concerns.

In contrast to commercial security lighting which can create a combination of harshly lit areas combined with shadows, we will create a landscape lighting plan that effectively illuminates key areas with lower intensity lighting.  Because you want your guests and family to  safely navigate your outdoor environment after dark, we’ll take special care to make sure that steps and hazards are targeted with just the right amount of low intensity lighting. How we do this will depend, in part, on your age and health.

Task lighting for usability is another important consideration. We’ll identify specific areas of activity and make sure that your lighting for each is of an appropriate type and intensity — suitable for the activity but not overwhelming. We’ll also discuss security concerns with you and incorporate them into your plan. Properly executed security lighting can be effective without being overly harsh or bright.

And, of course, you want it to look great. It’s hard to describe how to create  beautiful landscape lighting , but you know it when you see it. Making it happen is not an accident. We’ll use our many years of experience to produce a landscape lighting design that harmoniously combines all the elements in your backyard environment — you’ll know it when you see it and so will your guests.

We’re flexible. If you’ve engaged us to build your outdoor environment and want to add evening enjoyment, we’ll plan it that way from the start. We can also provide you with landscape lighting ideas that will improve and extend existing projects into the evening hours.

Over the years we have had extensive work done to our home that required the skills of numerous contractors, Although overall we have been pleased with most of the work done we had never been compelled to write a letter of thanks…until now.

This past summer we undertook the exterior landscape and were prepared to deal with the customary slow response, loose scheduling and lack of attention to detail. The Paradise Decks and Landscape Design approach was contrary to all those notions. From design to execution we have never dealt with a more professional company.

Our backyard has become an outdoor living environment that far exceeds anything we might have imagined. We are so grateful.

Trudy and Cam Saunders
Oakville, ON

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