Retaining Wall Suppliers

Retaining Wall Supplier

Your back yard oasis can be a reality, even with rough or sloping terrain.  As  retaining wall suppliers, we can supply you with design ideas as well as advise you on materials of construction. The retaining wall we build for you will be functional, durable, and will blend harmoniously with your landscape plan.

If you have limited space and rough or severely sloping terrain, a retaining wall may be necessary to maximize your usable space. When this is the case we’ll consider the slope, the type of soil or fill and drainage issues to design a retaining wall that is safe, durable, and has low long term maintenance issues.

Directly adjoining your home, or as an individual focal point, a retaining wall can also be a welcome decorative addition to your landscape design. Whether you use natural stone or prefabricated blocks will depend on the kind of statement you want to make, and we can help.

Retaining Wall Suppliers

Whether your retaining wall is necessary or decorative, we’ll make sure that design and materials of construction produce a finished result that blends harmoniously with your landscape design, and adds to the usability and beauty of your outdoor environment.

I entrusted Paradise Decks and Landscape Design with the outside rejuvenation of my home, because I knew they would do an impeccable, outstanding job. And they did. A year and a half later, I am still receiving compliments from passersby. But more importantly, I continue to admire and enjoy their work as if it were done only yesterday. And what of the Paradise Decks team, the young men who will arrive at your home, ready to make your dream a reality? They are fantastic.

It was a pleasure to have them in my yard. Cheerful, courteous, and hard-working, they clearly enjoyed what they were doing, and they did it with an efficiency that only highly skilled, finely-tuned teamwork can produce. Would I hire Paradise Decks and Landscape Design in the future? Yes, I would. And I have!

Lynn Kennedy
Dundas, ON

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Sit back, relax, and start thinking about some ideas for your retaining wall — then call us.

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