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Have you been thinking about making a paved patio or a rock garden a part of your outdoor landscaping plan, but don’t know where to begin? That’s where we come in. We’re a rock landscaping contractor.  A landscaping plan that uses permanent rocks and stones will complement and beautify your outdoor space for years to come.

In addition to looking great, landscaping rocks offer practical benefits. The rocks act as temperature regulators, absorbing daytime heat and returning it during the cooler evening hours. Landscaping with rocks and stones is also an effective way to create low-water low-maintenance environments as well as offering a natural way to deal with rough or uneven terrain.

There’s more to it than simply laying down stones. Have you ever wondered why some designs look harmonious and pleasing while others simply look like a bunch of rocks? Landscape rocks and stones come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. For a rock landscaping contractor, they act as the paint for our canvas, allowing us to select a mixture of size, colour and texture that will define areas of usability and add natural beauty.

Large rocks and boulders require placement planning so that they can add to your yard and become a point of focus. Properly planned they become a feature in their own right, drawing the same attention as a patio or a pergola.

We’ll provide you with a creative and interesting design, but we’re also interested in what you think. Whether it’s a pool deck made from engineered paving stones, a patio built from natural flagstone or a natural rock retaining wall, we’ll talk to you and incorporate your ideas into a rock landscaping plan that perfectly suits your needs  and lifestyle.

We would like to express our appreciation. We were delighted with the workmanship and could not help but notice the pride your crew took in building it. We found your pricing to be great value for the money and we were impressed with how smoothly the construction phase went. We particularly want to say thank you to Sean for how patiently he answered all of our questions. Never once did he make us feel we were being a nuisance (even though I’m sure we were).

We would not hesitate to recommend Paradise Decks and Landscape Design to anyone.

Randy and Karen Shelly
Hamilton, ON

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